Cybersecurity, Fintech, Distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts Technology & Multisig Concierge Service


Provide expertise and recommendations on cybersecurity, decentralization, and cryptocurrency plus the latest innovation on (DLT) Distributed Ledger and blockchain technologies.


We provide guidance on the application and implementation of an append-only database that is shared or replicated and which uses a synchronized distributed database mechanism also known as “consensus algorithm”. A blockchain is just one type of distributed ledger.

Cyber security

We provide cyber safety or IT security, which applies security to computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, including the whole Internet.

Smart Contracts Technology

Guidance and advice on best practice for smart contract creation tools that allows users to create smart contracts executable on the Ethereum, Bitcoin blockchains and others. We review your smart contracts and application code using industry-standard security patterns and best practices.

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Distributed Ledger/Blockchain Integration

Guidance in integrating distributed ledgers to external systems and APIs via the use of Oracles and Decentralised Oracle networks We review your smart contracts and application code using industry-standard security patterns and best practices.

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Multisig Service

Help businesses take control of its private/public keys. Provide step-by-step vault set-up instructions and best-practice operational security recommendation. Plus, we can be of assistance for ongoing support. Provide step-by-step multisig set-up instructions and best-practice operational security consulting tailored to the needs of your business.

Who We Are

We Are Dedicated IT Professionals and Trusted Advisors

We are dedicated IT professionals and trusted advisors. With more than 20+ years of experience in the networking and Internet fields, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge. We maintain information technology strategies by; researching and implementing technological strategic solutions. Advise organizations in identifying cyber risks, protect systems from unauthorized access, detect data breaches, and respond to system breaches and unauthorized use. Review the performance of IT systems to determine upgrade requirements. Build relationships with external IT vendors and service providers. Benchmark and make recommendations for the improvement of the IT infrastructure of IT systems. We have proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical infrastructure requirements and translate these into solid IT architecture designs. Our approach includes strategic, practical and operational implementations and design adding long term value to an organization. We also possess a strong knowledge of virtual infrastructure, security software, hardware, and access control management and the ability to effectively manage multiple project implementations as a project managers. We are excellent in managing and motivating others with a hands on approach. We also take pleasure in using technologies to bring improvement and business value. Also enjoy engaging in challenging environments that bring us to continuously evolve our skills.

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